How to Enable Email Tracking Statistics Sent via SMTP

By sending campaigns via SMTP, you can track the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened as well as the number of click-throughs and delivery errors.

How to Enable Tracking

Go to "SMTP Settings" > "General," and activate the "Enable Tracking" option.

Please note that the email you send via SMTP must contain its HTML and TXT versions. Without the HTML version, you cannot add a tracking pixel to your email, which means that your statistics will not be tracked.

You can check if a tracking pixel has been added to the email by viewing its full headers.

Here’s an example of a tracking pixel:

<img src=3D"
9f85bc18b71296b6f" alt=3D""/>

Learn more: "How to View Email Headers in Popular Email Services."

How to Enable Tracking from Your Own Domain

You can also create a CNAME record and activate tracking from your domain. CNAME record connects your domain with the SendPulse SMTP service, redirecting your tracking data to the service panel. This way, all statistics on emails sent are collected in the personal account of the SMTP service and are available anytime.

To create a CNAME record, activate the "Tracking from your domain" option. Enter your domain name that will be used to track emails, and click Add.

Copy the CNAME record value, and paste it into the DNS record of your domain.

Please note that adding a CNAME record can take up to several hours.

After the DNS record is updated, you will see a green check mark symbol next to the CNAME record.

Next, you can choose whether you want to use an SSL certificate for tracking.

Click Apply.

How to Add a Record to DNS Panel of Your Registrar

Typically, domain settings are pretty similar to each other, but it's always best to contact your domain support for precise instructions.

To edit or create a DNS record, go to the "DNS Settings."

Click Add record, then select your CNAME record type. Enter your record name and data.

If everything is correct, you will see a notification confirming that you have successfully added a new DNS record, and it will appear in the list of your records.

How to Add an HTML Version of an Email to Thunderbird

Start composing a new message. In the new message window, open the "Insert" menu and select the "HTML" option.

The Insert menu

In the "Insert HTML" window, add your HTML code and click Insert.

Insert HTML

Your message will appear in the input field of the new message window.

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