What is Subscription Plan

A subscription to a plan is an agreement between a user and a service, according to which the service organization agrees to provide the user with a set of services under the terms of the plan, and the subscriber receives the right to use the services and undertakes to pay for these services.

All modern services use auto-renewal for their subscription plans. It is set so that after a billing period ends, the provision of services does not stop (in our case, it is sending of automated and mass emails).

There are two billing periods in the SendPulse service:

  • one month
  • one year

This means that once a month (or a year), your card is charged for a chosen plan.

The monthly deduction occurs only in case of a card payment.

How to Cancel Auto-renew in Your Pricing Plans

Select the pricing plan that you want to disable and click "cancel subscription."

Subscriptions to plans

When the billing period ends, the card will not be charged, and sending of emails will stop. When the plan is paid, auto-renew is automatically enabled.

What if I Don't Like the Monthly Charge

With SendPulse service, there are "Pay as you go" plans, where you buy emails. When all the emails provided by the selected plan are sent, no more email messages are sent. To resume sending emails, buy one of the "Pay as you go" plans again.

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