How to Integrate SendPulse and Bitrix24

SendPulse 2.0 is an application that connects your Bitrix24 and SendPulse accounts. The application provides two options:

  1. Automatic synchronization of data in Bitrix24 with SendPulse mailing lists. The data in a SendPulse mailing list is updated every time new data is added, or existing data is changed in Bitrix24.
  2. Manual export of data from Bitrix24 to SendPulse mailing lists. During manual export, new data is transferred to SendPulse, and the data which already exists in the SendPulse account is updated.

The application lets you export or synchronize data from three entities: contact, company, lead.

You can choose entity fields from which data will be exported. In this case, you do not need to create variables in the SendPulse mailing list in advance — they will be created automatically during export.

How to install the application

Log in to Bitrix24.

Open "Applications" - "Marketplace."

Find the "SendPulse 2.0" application.

Install the app.

SendPulse 2.0 in Bitrix24

Fill in the "ID" and "Secret" fields with the data from your SendPulse account and click "Connect."

Authorization in SendPulse2.0

How to configure automatic synchronization

On the "Synchronization" tab, click the "Edit" button opposite the event you want to synchronize.

The event editing buttons

Enable synchronization.

Select a SendPulse mailing list where data from Bitrix24 will be transferred.

Specify the entity fields from which data will be transferred to the SendPulse mailing list.

Click the "Save" button to save the settings.

The Save button

Automatic data synchronization is configured.

How to export data manually

On the "Export" tab, select the entity from which you want to export data.

Specify the SendPulse mailing list where the data will be transferred.

Select the entity fields from which data will be transferred to the SendPulse mailing list.

Click "Export."

Manual export settings

How to find ID and Secret in the SendPulse account

Open your account settings.

SendPulse account settings

Open the "API" tab.

Activate the REST API so that the service generates the ID and Secret of your account.

API ID and Secret

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