How to Create a Free Chatbot

To create a chatbot, you need to register with SendPulse, develop the right script for your bot, and create a flow of messages in the chatbot builder — it's easy and requires no programming knowledge.

Watch this short video and learn to connect a SendPulse chatbot to Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Register with SendPulse

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing platform for building profitable relationships with your audience via chatbots, emails, bulk SMS, and push notifications. Register to get free access to a SendPulse chatbot builder.

Step 2: Connect Your Facebook Page with SendPulse

Choose the “Messengers” tab in your SendPulse account. Log into the system with Facebook and choose your desired Facebook page to connect to a chatbot.

Login with Facebook

Provide all the necessary permissions to ensure your chatbot works properly.

Give permission

After that, enable your Facebook chatbot. Click “Subscribe” to be able to test it yourself.

Subscribe to your own chatbot

Step 3: Create a Scenario

Before you start building your actual chatbot, develop a scheme for the conversation. A mind-map created with services like X-Mind or Coggle will help. It will make working on a chatbot much easier, and you’ll never lose the string of logic.

Let’s structure three goals for our book shop: sell books, give recommendations, and promote a social project. The following script has been written in X-Mind.

Mind map scenario

Step 4: Create a Flow

You have three default triggers: “After subscription,” “Standard reply,” and “Unsubscription from bot.” Learn all about trigger management here.

Start with an “After subscription” trigger. Click “Edit the trigger,” change the text, add images, and delays like on the GIF below.

Here’s complete documentation on how to create a chatbot flow.

Create messages for each goal you’ve planned. Connect them with corresponding quick replies in your customized welcome message. Then ease navigation in your chatbot by setting up “Back to menu” and “Contact manager” messages, like in the screenshot below.

Finished chatbot flow

Your aim here is to build a chatbot that sounds as human and natural as possible, so test it multiple times and get suggestions from your colleagues.

Create chatbot

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to create a chatbot on Facebook. No time for resting, though. You need to learn two more vital aspects of chatbot creating:

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