How to Create an Automation that Starts on Special Dates

With Automation 360, users can set up automated series that start on a particular date specified on a mailing list. This way, you can send automated series to clients on their birthdays, to appreciate their staying with you for some time, or on the anniversary of their first or latest order, and so on.

First of all, check the mailing list and make sure it contains a column with the necessary variable.

If there is no such variable on the list, create it — go to the "Mailing lists" menu and click "Create variable."

Create variable

Be sure to create a variable of the "Date" type for dates.

Variable type

Now you are ready to start building automated series — go to the "Automations" section and click "Create new automation." 

Create new automation

Specify the automation options.

The "Days for sending" and "Time for sending" options determine the priority time for sending emails. So that the options work correctly, during the creation of the email flow, in the "Email" blocks set the time of sending to "After N days."

For example, select the "Mo," "We," "Fr" checkboxes for the "Days for sending" option, and set the "Time for sending" option to 10:00 a.m. Then, during the creation of the email flow, set the time of sending to "After 3 days" in the "Email" blocks. Launch the flow. After sending an email is triggered, the service will wait for three days, and then send the email on the next day that meets the conditions specified in the automation options. That is, if sending the email is triggered on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., the email will be sent next Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Automation options

Select the "Special date" option as the flow start.

Flow start

Select a mailing list, pick a variable that will be linked to the automation start, and specify when the automation will be sent — every year or once on a specific day. The "Yearly (on month and day)" option means that the flow will start for the selected mailing list every year on the date specified in the variable. The "Use date from the variable" option means that the flow will start on the date specified in the variable only once.

Besides that, you can select a time interval to start the automation before or after the date reflected by the variable value.


Additionally, users can set up variable filters — select a variable, the value of which you need to filter, and select the filter condition: is after, to, is, between.

Filter condition

In the "Email," "Push," and "SMS" blocks, you can choose to send a message immediately or sometime after the sending is triggered.


In Automation 360, by default, particular date flows start at 9 a.m. according to the timezone specified in the account settings.

Account settings

This means if subscribers sign up after 9 a.m. on the day when the automated series starts, the system will not send them the automated series.

An Example of an Automated Series Launched on a Special Date

Let's say there is a webinar scheduled for 3 p.m. on a specific day, and there is a webform on a user's website. 

Site visitors willing to participate in the webinar sign up via the webform. 

There will be three emails in the flow: the first email will be sent 24 hours before the event, the second email will be sent 2 hours before the start of the webinar, and the third one will be sent 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

Let's build an automated flow according to this logic.

Set the flow start to 1 day before the webinar date.

Flow start settings

As the automated flow will start at 9 a.m. the day before the webinar date, set the sending time of the first email to 6 hours after the flow begins.

The second email must be sent 2 hours before the webinar, so set its sending time to 22 hours after the first email — one day (24 hours) minus 2 hours (before the event) after the first email.

The third email must be sent 15 minutes before the webinar, so set its sending time to 105 minutes after the second email: two hours left till the webinar (120 min) minus 15 minutes.

This is how the flow will look like:Automated flow

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