"Action" Element in Automation360

The «Action» element is used to perform specific actions with subscribers:

For example, you can use "Move subscriber," to move a subscriber from one mailing list to another. This action will remove the subscriber from the first book.

With "Copy subscriber" you can add a contact to the selected mailing list.

Use "Copy subscriberto add a contact to the selected mailing list.

With "Change variable for contact," you can select a variable and its new value. For example, put down the status of "warm lead," "opening letters," or "active lead," and so on.

Use "Send a letter to my address" to send an email alert to your managers, which will inform you that you need to work with this subscriber, call him, and so on. You can select the sender's address added in the service settings.

With "Split contacts randomly," you can implement A / B testing in Automation 360. Separate contacts into different branches and send them different letters depending on where the system defines it. In this version, the statistics of conversions and distributions must be observed at a distance of at least 1,000 or more passes through it - the larger the number, the more accurate information you will receive.

Use "Send Webhook" option to send alerts about events on your system. The webhook will transmit the chain ID, name and date of the webhook activation, email address, phone number, and data of the subscriber variables for which the webhook was sent.

With "Create Deal" and "Create Contact," you can also integrate A360 with your CRM. For example, set up creating a new contact or deal after receiving the "Purchase" event or following a specific link.


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