How to Send a Campaign Using Segmentation

Based on the subscriber data that you have, you can send campaigns to specific categories of your larger audience. A properly segmented campaign is more relevant to the selected group of recipients. Because segmented campaigns are personalized and highly relevant, you can expect a greater response rate than a standard campaign.

You can segment by «Sign up date» — choose the timeframe:

Or by «Criteria». There are four kinds of audience segmentation:

«Value of variable». You can choose from the following types of variables:

  • “string” contains/does not contain/equals/doesn’t equal/starts with/ends with/empty/not empty;
  • “data” equals/doesn’t equal/between/is after/to;
  • “number” equals/doesn’t equal/more than/ less/empty/not empty.

«Tags» — assigned or unassigned chosen tag.

«Was in flow» — run or does not run the chosen flow.

«Was in campaign» — received or did not receive the chosen campaign.

You can choose several criteria and combine them using the statement «any» or «all».

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