How to Use Chatbot Tags

Use tags to segment your chatbot subscribers. Tags are attached to buttons in your chatbot’s flow. When subscribers click on the button, tags are assigned to them. As a result, you can filter your subscribers based on a particular tag and send them a message.

Chatbot Tag Example

Let’s imagine that you are the owner of an online store "CheeseShop," and in your chatbot message flow, you ask subscribers what products or services interest them. The possible answers are shown as buttons. For example, a cheese store asks: "What kind of cheese do you prefer?" Then show the reply options "French cheese" and "Italian cheese." If users click "French cheese," you can assign them the tag "French cheese lover."

Пример использования тега

The user has shown their interest in particular products by clicking on the buttons. You can take advantage of this interest by adding a unique tag. Then you can filter users by tag and send them relevant messages.

Пример цепочки с тегами

How to Assign a Tag to a Chatbot Subscriber

Choose the "Action" block, place it the flow editor and connect a button. In our case, we linked the "Action" block with the button "French cheese," so when users click it, they are assigned a unique tag.

Блок действие

Activate the block "Action" by clicking on it. Now you can see the settings panel on the right. Select the option "Add a tag." Name the tag — "French cheese lover" in our case, and click "Apply."

Название тега

You can continue building chatbot messages and add the necessary tags on your buttons. When your chatbot message flow is done, click "Save."

You can assign tags users manually in your list of subscribers. To do it, enter a tag in the column next to the username. You can also edit tags and add new ones.

Задаем тег пользователю вручную

How to Filter Users by Tag

Select "Audience" in the main menu of your chatbot.

Прописываем условия фильтрации

You will see a list of chatbot subscribers with the column "Tags." Use "Filter" to view users with a specific tag assigned to them. Enter the necessary criteria for the search and click "Apply."

Выставляем условия для фильтрации пользователей

The system will find chatbot subscribers with this tag.

Система отфильтрует пользователей с нужным тегом

How to Send a Message to Subscribers with a Specific Tag

Click "New campaign" in the main dashboard of your chatbot.

Первый шаг для запуска рассылки пользователям по тегу

Select a bot from the list if you have several chatbots connected and tick the"Segment recipients" option.

Выставляем условия сегментации по тегу

Set the criteria to filter subscribers with the necessary tag and click "Apply." In our case, we sent a message to French cheese lovers. This is how we did it:

Выставляем условия сегментации по тегу

The system will filter the audience to find all of the subscribers with the tag "French cheese lover" tag. Write a message and click "Next."

Печатаем сообщение

Then you can schedule a message for later or send it immediately.

Последний шаг - отправляем рассылку.

How are tags different from variables?

You can collect your subscribers' data and save it with the help of variables. When you save data via variables, you can then segment your subscribers and paste this data into a message. With the tag system, you don’t have this functionality, tags only divide users into audiences and then send them messages.

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